Sunday, July 25, 2010

Indoor Eco Fabric Garden by Jam & Ted Baker

Part hanging plant, part green art installation, the Indoor Fabric Garden from the recent 100% Design in London is a green and eye-catching collaborative project from fashion house Ted Baker and UK branding agency JAM. The installation merges tasteful fabrics and beautiful flora, giving modern dwellers a great way to integrate greenery into their interiors seamlessly and stylishly. Plus, the hanging vessels are made use from reused lampshades and their fabrics to reinforce the environmental focus of the project.

Recycled Toy Sculpture

Robert Bradford creates his life-size and larger-than-life sculptures of humans and animals from discarded plastic items, mainly toys but also other colorful plastic bits and pieces, such as combs and buttons, brushes and parts of clothes pegs.

Contrary to some reports, he’s not a self-taught artist who tinkered in his shed one day and suddenly decided to create something out of his kids’ discarded toys. He is a London-born and U.K. and U.S.-trained visual artist who, like many artists, also had another career on the side. His was that of a psychotherapist.

In 2002, he started to consider the possibilities that his children’s forgotten toys could have as part of something bigger. Bradford says he likes the idea that the plastic pieces have a history, some unknown past, and that they also pass on a “cultural” history as each of the pieces represents a point in time. Recycling is not his primary concern, but each sculpture certainly keeps quite a few pieces from becoming landfill. Some of the sculptures contain pieces from up to 3,000 toys and sell for £12,000 (US$19,000).

Carton Landia

Many households have plenty of garbage: cardboard, boxes, wrapping paper and packing materials. Anna Serrano doesn’t see garbage – instead she is acutely aware of the opportunity waiting for her among the mundane materials. Take a look at her cardboard sculpture, Cartonlandia, a five-foot tall world of corrugated-collage people, places and things.

Are you digging through your cardboard cartons yet? Ready to try your hand at a building or two? A street or three?

I’d love to see a room full of these neighborhoods side by side!

Send us pic of your very own Carton Landia!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life as a Super Hero!

Life as a Super Hero! from Brianne on Vimeo.

Checkout the Super Hero's from the Bambini Creativi Explorers Workshop! Go behind the scenes of these Super Hero's & find out what life is really like behind the mask! Amazing!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Bambini Creativi Red Balloon Exhibit

It is always the simple things:)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Create your own hanging garden!

This unique form of gardening is based off of kokedma. Kokedma is the art of growing plants from moss balls – Koke (Moss) Dama (Ball) – “the poor man’s bonsai”. Robin from Urban Gardens Web (a great site) got in touch with Fedor who put his unique twist on typical kokedma by hanging the plants from ceilings with string. Fedor will hang the plants at eye level and will continually adjust the string as the plant grows as its center of gravity changes.

Fedor keeps the plants watered by moss that goes right to the center of the ball or by a steady dripping system that keeps the root ball moist. They generally are watered every three days. Another possible way to water is the ‘Kokedma way’ where you just put the whole ball into a bucket of water for 2-3 minutes. Then just gently squeeze the ball and you’re all set. You can also just mist the moss to ensure it stays green.

Because of the small size of the ball the plants will typically remain small with the inside of the ball allowing for growth and development of the plant’s root system.'