Friday, February 12, 2010

Chill-Out Room

Need to just get away from it all?  Love looking at the night stars, but hate the biting mosquitoes? Then step into the Chill-Out room inflatable that would make NASA proud.
Making use of 31 interconnected hexagonal pillows, this comfy pod inflates to seven feet which should be enough room for you & your sweetie to snuggle hive-like under the evening sky.
A large entry portal gives you access, white PVC walls cocoon you soundly & a clear overhead panel offers you mosquito-biting-free views.  I think of this inflatable as more of an escape pod.  If the in-laws or kids are getting you down, climb aboard and roll your cares away.  That’s what I would do, find a good hill and start rolling.  I would never have been found if this was available to me in my childhood, for me it was just cardboard boxes and digging up rocks.
The Chill-Out inflatable was originally priced at $400 last year.

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