Monday, February 15, 2010

Politics of Play

Great game to play with children & their families around the schoolyard.
Game 2: Plot Cast 
Plot Casting was inspired by interviewing peole about their desires for the neighborhood. Many people wanted more trees and would like to remove urban furniture and replace them with trees or plants. One gardener wanted to do "flower terrorism". 
How many players?
No limit

Type of game: team, competitive, adventure…
Participatory game for residents of the area
What do people need to play the game:
-pieces, board, architecture…
-Materials to make flags.
Recruitment (getting people to play)
Referee ( to say "start" and determine winner)
Making the need for green spaces visible, environmental concerns. Teams acting like wind spreading seeds- distributive computing.
The idea was inspired by a gardener from St. Ouen who wanted to do "flower terrorism". Giving the game a competitive, speed-based character which reminds of aggressive competition in economy to be first and faster than the competitors.
Who does the project benefit?
Local people (beauty, air quality)and for visitors (it makes it more attractive). Animals.
Who is it for (audience)?
Residents in the neighborhood
What aspect of "community" does it address?
The planted flags communicate to the people, and can bring up a conversation, make the need visible to locals and local politicians. A movement can emerge that makes people plant together, like a demonstration through planting.
Take pictures as documentation, map with GPS the places where people want to have green and that could become plots. This map could also be sent to the mayor of St. Ouen.
Other Thoughts: (things you learned, unexpected outcomes…)
There is really a lack of green spaces in St. Ouen that people would really want to leave the area for that reason.
It was also surprising that people were afraid when we started talking to them and asking them questions.
References: (urls, projects, books)
Noderunners, C-Theory, Pac Manhattan, Paul Ardenne, Yuri Gitman, Carlos Gomez de Llarena, The Yes Men

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